Moving Tips

Book In Advance

Somethings are not always easy to control. If you have a chance to BOOK your move a WEEK in advance or sooner, We can guarantee that it will be 70% less stressful than if it was booked last minute. 


Protect Critical/Valuable Belonging

It is always the best practice to make sure that all valuable thing is places safely away, or taken into consideration during the packing.  Our movers are not responsible for the CPI(Customer packed inventory) that wasn't properly secured.


Get Plenty of Supplies & Pack Early

Although the movers have a few boxes available for you, it is critical to have everything boxed and ready to go when they arrive. Packing is very time consuming, it would be best to avoid that extra time.


Take Pictures Of All The Connections That Were Unplugged. 

It can be easy to forget the order of things in a new home. Usually takes a few days to fully move the basics in and be used. Wi-Fi modems, Cable Tv Boxes, HDMI cords, Etc. Taking a picture of them before will allow you to speed up the process.


Make Plans For Pets

Reduce your pets moving stress by boarding them at a kennel or with a friend. 


Make A Furniture Map

Having a plan of the layout for the new home can be a fun thing to get ready before move day. It really helps the movers have an easier day. It will also cut down on time from having to decide thing last minute and moving thing 2 - 3 times.  


Make a List

If you have over 3 rooms, it always helps to make a list of what is in each room. This helps make sure nothing gets misplaced.

Utilize All Moving Tools Correctly

We will bring you 2-4 wardrobe boxes, a small tool kit, furniture blankets, shrink wrap rolls, tape rolls, and floor pads for the rain (if available).These are common items involved in all moves, the tool makes a big difference in moves and only professionals would know this. Wardrobe boxes are very sturdy and capable of handling heavy items. The most efficient movers make the best out of all these simple yet effective moving tools.


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